Beating the Border Blues

The center went together just fine, but you haven't a clue how to make the borders "sing in tune" with the rest of the quilt. Learn to see the ideas already present within the basic quilt design and your fabrics, and how to utilize them to create a unified whole. This lecture is packed with inspiration.

Breaking the Color Code

An entertaining discussion and demonstration of the color wheel, color combinations based on the wheel, and basic color terminology. Learn the importance of value and pattern scale in your color selection. Use these skills to select successful fabrics for your quilts.

Harmony: Creating a Well-Balanced Quilt Design

What makes a well-balanced visual design? How can everyone use good design principles in creating their quilts? Why should we consider not only where the patterning "is," but also where it "isn't?" A thought-provoking discussion....

Hopped, Shopped, Dropped! [or Too Many Choices, Too Little Time!]

For many quiltmakers, fabric selection looms as a large obstacle. This lecture offers a humorous look at the situation (Are you a Mildred Matchie or an Irma Indecision?), and presents strategies for making decisions, as well as guidelines for adding to your collection.

How Did I Get Here From There?

The evolution of a traditional quiltmaker into a contemporary fiber artist.... Not really!! But a fun look at how I've grown and changed throughout 40-some (yikes!) years of playing with fabric and the results of this material girl's fascination.

Lovable Uglies

What to do with those "challenging" fabrics? View a "museum-quality" collection of less than lovely fabrics! Think about what might be lurking in your own boxes, bags, and closets.... Hear and see eye-opening new possibilities for their use.

Stretching Tradition: New Images for Traditional Quilts

My design system, which explores different ways of using traditional block patterns, is the subject of my book. Learn about splices, split-outs, and sizings. Even non-designers can create "designer" quilts using these methods.

Through the Judge's Eyes

An overview of what the quilt judge looks for and evaluates; a rationale for the usefulness of judging; an appraisal of judging formats and styles; some candid judging experiences; and an opportunity for the audience to ask questions regarding judging procedures and feedback/comments. Sample judging exercise optional.